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The East GTA Family Health Team is committed to serve patients with better care for better health and value.
Better Care, Better Health, Better Value

A Family Health Team brings together different health care providers in a primary care setting to co-ordinate the best quality of care for patients and families. At East GTA Family Health Team our various healthcare providers work collaboratively to utilize their experience and skills so that patients receive quality care at the right time and right place. We represent a diverse group of providers dedicated to improving access to care for residents of the East GTA area. We take pride in providing EQUITABLE care for all with 70% of referrals to IHP services coming from community physicians. We provide INTEGRATED care with partnerships in the community and with specialists such as Psychiatrists and Endocrinologists, offering holistic and bundled care to our patients.

  • What we offer

    Our Family Health Team offers targeted programs and services, in multiple languages, to diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions. We also offer comprehensive prevention and education programs to address health behaviours and conditions to achieve and maintain good health.

  • Patients

    If you are a patient with one of our family physicians you are also a patient of the Family Health Team. If you are NOT a patient with one of our family physicians, you may call 647-693-7401 directly and speak to a receptionist to register. You MUST have a valid OHIP card to register. When coming to your first appointment please bring the following: a list of your most current medications (you can obtain this from your pharmacy), a valid OHIP card, a translator if needed. You will need to fill out registration and enrollment forms so please arrive 15-30 minutes before your appointment time.

Towards our Patients

Caring | Equitable | Cultural Sensitivity

Towards each other

Mutual Respect | Work-life Balance | Team Work | Collaboration


Evidence-based | Expert Advice | Creative | Ethical | Responsive | Accountable | Efficient

Our Mission

The East GTA Family Health Team will provide existing and new patients with enhanced access to the best quality primary health care delivered in an inter-disciplinary model of care.

Our Vision: “To be recognized as a leader in providing readily accessible, comprehensive, compassionate and coordinated primary health care to our patients and their families”.

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Our Team

Our team is made up of family physicians and allied health professionals that work together to provide comprehensive and coordinated health care.
Lead Physician
Dr. Wayne Hsieh
Ensure clinical quality control through development of necessary policies and procedures, medical directives, best practices, and competency development amongst care providers.
Chair of Board
Dr. Lubomir Alexov
Ex-officio to all Board committees and voice of the FHT to external constituents.
Ellesmere Family Physicians
Click to see a list of physicians
Dr. Lubomir Alexov, Dr. Elizabeth Glowczewski-Park, Dr. Angela Hwang, Dr. David Law, Dr. Mei Hwang, Dr. Paul Pitt, Dr. Rodolfo Domínguez, Dr. Bernard Li, Dr. Randall Lee
Lapsley Clinic Family Physicians
Click to see a list of physicians
Dr. Rex Verschuren, Dr. Wayne Hsieh, Dr. Judith Nacua, Dr. Andrew Vellathottam
Registered Nurses
Anusha Sivalogarajah, Sophia Xi, Marina Albuquerque, Samantha Debacker
Registered Nurses (RNs) at the East GTA Family Health Team are regulated health care professionals who clinically assess, educate, co-ordinate and manage the needs of primary care patients. This includes: individual patient assessments, chronic disease management such as diabetes and health promotion programs/education such as smoking cessation. We work closely with family physicians and other healthcare providers to provide comprehensive care to ensure all your needs are being met.
Registered Dieticians
Negin Ansari, Parnaz Sadighi
Registered Dietitians (RDs) are regulated health professionals who are uniquely trained to advise on diet, food and nutrition. They translate the science of nutrition into practical information that support people in making healthy food choices throughout the life cycle. RDs are skilled educators in promoting behavior change relative to food choices, eating behavior and preparation methods to optimize health.
Social Workers
Nirupa Thana, Rachel O’Connor, Jyotika Kumar, Sun Jin Kim
The Social Workers provide short-term counselling and therapy (6-8 sessions) for individuals struggling with mild to moderate mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. They also support people who are experiencing situation difficulties such as stress, pain management and relationship issues. They can help you make connections and navigate other community resources and programs that might be of assistance to you. Social Workers aim to promote self-care, and help you realize your inner resources to enhance coping and well-being.
Alice Lui
Physiotherapists are regulated health professionals who provide rehabilitation and health care services in various settings such as hospitals and primary care. The goals is to facilitate, restore and optimize the client’s physical function through individualized, progressive exercise programs, modification of activities of daily living and ergonomics advice, and management of illness and chronic diseases to improve quality of life.
Occupational Therapist
Mina Choi
Occupational Therapy (OT) helps you or your family members develop the skills needed for day-to-day activities when these abilities have been hampered by injury, illness, chronic disease, mental health issues, the impacts of getting older, or other health factors. Meet our OT Mina and learn about the seniors program, assistive devices, falls prevention, memory and aging, cognitive assessments, pain/chronic disease management, or other individual or group services!
Roshni Patel
Do you understand what each of your medications is for? Are you experiencing side effects from one or more of the medications you are taking? Are you worried whether or not your medications are safe to take with your vitamins, natural health products, or other medications? Meet Roshni – the pharmacist here at the East GTA Family Health Team.
Sudin Ray (Executive Director), May Sarmiento (Manager), Tom Sitter (Quality Improvement Decision Support Specialist), Hazel Mandane (Receptionist), Kavita Darubra (Receptionist)
Nurse Practitioner
Michael Borja
The Nurse Practitioner works with the rest of the team to assist in keeping you healthy. This may include home visits with another team member to ensure your health is stable.

In the event of an emergency please go to your closest Emergency Department or call 911

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We love to hear from our patients! Please send us a message if you need help navigating the system, want to critique us, or give us positive feedback! Please note this is not used for booking purposes or for medical consultations. Do not include personal health information.